God’s Blessings..

A lot can happen in 10 months!  I was working hard at my job till i realized financially this was not going to work for our family.  It was not paying for our kids’ childcare at all, and then the youngest started having issues at the Daycare and I wouldn’t find out until it was their last straw.  Which was very frustrating for us.  In the end we pulled “M” out of Daycare, I stepped away from my job and started to stay home again, but looking for a better working job for our family this time.

I have to say I was NOT pleased about staying home again. In my mind I’ve given my kids many years to have me 100% of the time, it was finally my turn to do something that could help my family but also be for me.  Man, God has shown me what it means to wait for His timing!  But during this time God has also heard the cries of my heart.  Never think that He doesn’t hear you! He does… but again it must be HIS timing!

The first answer to one of my Heart Cries was…. I can drive! Well I could before but if  you’ve read these you know of my anxiety and how severe it had been.  Today I can drive all over the place now, no longer relying on anyone else, not limited in distance at all. This allowed me to start volunteering at a Horse Rescue.  My counselor at that time encouraged me to find something that was “giving to others”, one late night i was surfing and found out that there was a rescue not far from our new place, I filled out that volunteer application and step out of my comfort zone! I have to say it was the best thing ever! Not only did i find a great group of giving and amazing people, but i finally was able to be around horses and enjoy them!

Which brings me to the second cry of my heart… Owning my own horse. Ever since I saw an Amish Buggy coming down my street lost and looking for directions when i was little, I have been bitten by the horse loving bug! We were never able to own farm animals while growing up so I contented my animal loving nature with cats and dogs. (my mom had to keep telling me to stop feeding the strays as they were taking over our outside at one point) I still had that horse love simmering on the back burner, With encouragement from a friend and then my counselor, I stepped off into the unknown and loved on these horses that had been abused or neglected or not wanted anymore. We clicked… we had a lot in common so it wasn’t that hard. 🙂 Then with the encouragement of that same friend and the Director of the Rescue just this last month I adopted my first horse!!! She is everything I had hoped for and more! (excuse her muddiness…she loves to play in it)


                 I still have heart cries…. including getting a job that will help us as a family but now also help our animals too… but I’m learning how much sweeter it is to wait for God’s timing for these Heart Cries.

Life is still a roller coaster, there’s ups and downs… my family and friends are all experiencing heartache in the health department in some way,  the world still beats at us and is unforgiving at times, and yes my kids are still driving me crazy! But I know God has a plan for me and it’s looking pretty awesome!  It reminds me of one of my fav scripture art i did up…


How true…..



Hope you all enjoyed!




Be Courageous…


    Yesterday i was sick…nothing serious, just harsh cough and just totally wiped out! So today I’m hoping to get two in. if not today then i definitely will tomorrow! Anyways….

    I shared my favorite verse the other day. Now this one for today is not really my favorite but i saw it on a Bible Cover and knew i needed to have this reminder in my life.


Just as the other one reminds me to not be afraid or anxious…this one reminds me it’s not just enough to no longer be afraid…but i need to take that next step and be STRONG!! be COURAGEOUS!! It reminds me of the movie Courageous….if you haven’t watched it yet… please do so!! (note take Kleenex box with you!) I won’t say more so i don’t ruin it for those that haven’t seen it. 🙂


“This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”  Joshua 1:9

  I love how this opens up with “this is my command”. Again we are told that we are to do this, no if ands or buts!  It goes on to say “be strong and courageous” but it also says in the next sentence “do not be afraid or discouraged” So this is what i was talking about. Isaiah 41:10 is a great verse! But when we look at this one it gives us more info….not only are we not to be afraid or discouraged…but we are to be strong. When they say strong i don’t think they mean physically. I think this means spiritually. We need to be firm, steadfast. And then we need to go yet another step though, we need to be courageous. We need to be able to take those leaps of Faith. We need to know that God is going to handle this.

           The last part is again His promise that He is going to be with us. No matter what, and no matter where He’s going to be right there beside us to help us, guide us, and most of all when we are lacking those first two qualities He will give them to us and then some. 🙂 Isn’t that awesome?

It’s a short verse… but has a lot of meaning to me anyways. Back to the devotional verses tomorrow. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed it!