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            Well after several months we finally moved! We are really enjoying our new home. Now that things are somewhat settling down into a normal routine, hoping to start this back up again. So i started talking to someone about some of my issues that i have and they really encouraged me to start blogging more positive things, I think i will be doing that from now on.


      So my favorite devotional writer is Lysa Terkeurst and I don’t know about anyone else, but with her writing i always feel she is talking right at me personally! Anyways, I’m reading her book, “Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study Girl”, and she encourages journaling each passage you read first thing in the morning. Talk about what it means and how it fits to you. Since this is my online journal, I’ll be doing just that on here as best as I can. Now never think i will force my Faith on anyone, You can read or not…it’s up to you. My Faith is something personal and special to me. Maybe through my ramblings it will become so to you as well.

I will say this little post script here. My husband and i have changed up our counseling and we are finally getting better relationship wise after 4 years of attempting to work on it. We are laughing more, communicating more, and we are loving more.  It’s not life without hiccups…we still have days we hurt, get mad, and get discouraged…but we are processing it in a new and healthier way. I hope to share that as well in this new journey.


As always i hope to hear if my ramblings help anyone out there.



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