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   So i got the computer for a while…With this moving thing the thing that frustrates me the most is that we are thisclose to listing our house….soooo close! But we need a contractor to help us finish two things so we can actually list. (mortgage lenders now have very strict rules and if wires are loose or a hole in the wall you can’t sell. well crud!)


I contacted 25….that’s right TWENTY FIVE COMPANIES!!! for quotes and seeing if they could get some of the work done for us. HA! many just ignored me, more said they were booked till the end of July, and one guy keeps telling me he can do it for a great price but won’t nail down a date…and he’s one of the companies that my realtor recommended to me!

We had thought we found someone willing to work with us…split payment and all but the guys came and knew nothing of painting, and didn’t bring any tools to do the project properly! I stopped them before starting to work and told them i was cancelling the job and to leave. Then began the conversation with the guy that was in charge and boy did he change from nice to mean in 3 secs!

You know i’m a pretty laid back person normally… i’m kind till things don’t add up and lately this is just annoying being told nope, sorry, forget it, sure i’ll do it but let me get back to you on that. Really? Really? I mean the tile that needs done will take a bit as once you put it on it has to set 24 hrs and then come back and finish it… but the painting is just like an hour at most and people wont do it… you would think they would be good with doing a quick fast pay job type thing. Guess not!


Normally i would be fine we’ll do it ourselves! but we have three kids and every time we start something they pull us away every 5 minutes… which with the tile you can’t do you gotta do it carefully and quick too so the stuff doesn’t dry before you put it up. So it would be better all around if we could find a person that could do it in one go and we manage the kids in the mean time. But it’s not happening and the kids go back to school in two months which means they probably will have to go back to this horrid school for a bit and move mid year. And that bites… no one wants to do that!


So for now our house is in chaos and moving is at a stand still with most stuff packed up and furniture started to move out but not really….which is making me want to pull my hair out as i can’t handle the way it’s set up and my brain is spazzing with it needing to be organized.

Anyways… anyone else feel this pain? or been through this? makes me want to go make cupcakes….. mmmm cupcakes. LOL!!



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