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   Moving…I love moving! No really i do! It’s like an adventure that isn’t overly dangerous. Moving can give you a new start and kinda clean out cobwebs that has formed from staying in a comfort zone. Oh sure it’s stressful and nerve-wracking. But I love packing up things, donating others, clearing off the walls, and getting ready to move on.


   I know it’s weird. My kids this last week have told me they hate it. HA! The only reason they hate it is because i packed up almost all their toys as they could not keep their rooms clean and refused to do chores when asked. But they are warming up to hopefully getting a place with a bigger backyard as ours is sadly lacking space for their activities they like to do.

   My husband did a lot of moving when he was younger so he’s not so thrilled about it as well. When i was little i hated staying in the one spot, I would get out and ride my bike for miles just so i could get away and have a change of scenery as we only moved once when i was little. After i graduated from High School we moved several times in just a couple of years (i think it was about 4 times), and i was amazed at how much i loved it!


   We then moved across the country and then moved once more and now been living here for just 7 years….I have been slowly getting more and more antsy at staying in one location. I know that once i’m where the Lord wants me i’ll have a sense of Peace about where we need to be. But for now he has given me the heart that is ready to move on without being too heartbroken. Don’t get me wrong I’ll miss my friends being near me, but will try and stay somewhat connected as much as possible.

  I love being out in the country but here there is the fear of poisonous snakes which is a higher nuisance out there. I’ve been in the city too and i don’t mind it for a little while anyways, but here in this area the houses are really close together and that bothers me a lot! I want some space from my neighbors…love them…but don’t want to look out my window and be able to see what they are doing!

   So we have been going back and forth with where we want to move to…we’re feeling a little lost and not sure about that anymore as the housing market is dwindling fast! It’s a Seller’s market as there is just not a lot of houses going up for sale. Many want the brand new building and that is just insane now in pricing. I love old homes more… so much character… the older they are the more they are built to last. These new ones are slapped together now with so little thought that as soon as you move in things are falling apart. Which is sad… what happened to old time craftsmanship? Where you took pride in what you made and made it right the first time?

   Anyways… i can’t wait to see what God has in mind for us…. it’s going to be fun to see where we end up and if it’s in town or in the country.


Just a little of what’s been on my mind lately….



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