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   Freedom. With saying just that word it brings soooo many pictures and visions to mind. With the saying of that word it has power…. Freedom of Speech, Freedom to assemble, Freedom to Fight!

   As a US citizen we have so many rights! Now wait… i know what you’re going to say “but… this group says this and that group says that…” “we don’t have freedom here”.  Compared to any other country we are FREE! I enjoy many of these freedoms… like right now writing this out, I’m free to do so! I’m free to homeschool my kids if i want to (did that for 2 yrs it was wonderful but life changed and it became not an option).  I’m free to go to Church and worship my Lord…. and many others here in the US are free to worship and praise their healer, lord, or whichever…I mean we have tons of Freedom here!


   But as i say all this… i wonder… is Freedom really Free? No. A picture jumps to my mind of a Soldier carrying another through landmines. It makes me cry every time i see a photo like that on Facebook or other social media. I think about the men and women that have died for this “freedom”, I’ve thought about the veterans that are still with us physically but have lost a part of them mentally and emotionally, I also think about the founding Fathers… these people… do they see a Freedom that is worthy of giving such a sacrifice? To be honesty i don’t think so.

   Look at the veterans…. they are on long lines for help and aid, they get paid peanuts, and some don’t even have homes anymore. How is this fair? How is this right? It’s not… but i keep hearing these words in my head…”This word and life are not fair and never will be…” Oh that hurts! And i’m sorry it’s that way.


    So for anyone that has served this country and is reading this….I’m sorry. I’m sorry you have lost so much time with your families…. i’m sorry you come back and no one cares for you…. I’m sorry that people show no respect to you and for what you do.

 From the bottom of my heart… I’m sorry.

Freedom… is such a powerful word….but it wouldn’t mean anything without the people that make Freedom possible.

Just a short little thing that i was thinking about today….



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