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   Ahhhh… Family. You know You can pick your friends…but you can’t pick your family. We’ve all heard that..and it’s true. But man someday’s i wish i could have! Today is one of those days.

   It hurts my heart that my family says they are Christians and then don’t even try to socialize with their own family but instead socialize and plaster all over Facebook and such about their In-laws and what fun they are having. Is it so wrong to want my Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and so forth to recognize me? It is too much to ask to have a happy sunny family that loves getting together and laughs and cries…and just shares life? I guess for mine it is.

   Some families think eh..i’ll send a card and a little money and all things are ok. Some just slowly push you away and fade into the background. Even more make a scene and tear each other down publicly and that’s just wrong!

   Not sure how it got this way but i just wish families could get a long….for that matter i wish i had more faith in the human race…but i guess i don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Just a short thing today…Just way too worked up and can’t seem to get these thoughts all straightened out.



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