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   You know i love my kids. I really do! But on days like today all i want to do is escape! I want to run away and be free to have fun or clean to my heart’s content without it being ruined 5 seconds later! I’m not sure if it matters what gender they are…but yeah i have 3 boys. They are awesome! Some days i wish i had a daughter so i wasn’t so outnumbered but i think God knew what he was doing when he gave me nothing but boys. I was a tomboy growing up and only now am i starting to get “girly” but i will still look up a cool new bug, read stories about sharks and dinosaurs, and play with Legos.


    If you didn’t know this then beware… there is NO PAIN LIKE STEPPING ON A LEGO PAIN! No i’m dead serious here… those things are evil! There is a comedian that does a shtick about them…look up Tim Hawkins and Legos. Hilarious! … and unfortunately TRUE! Now see my boys get Legos every year for birthday and Christmas, this past weekend i packed up every last Lego i could find and put it in and box and taped it shut… i told them that that box is now set for moving and they could not open it. Funny but i was cleaning today and found another handful of LEGOS! They are everywhere! My kids think it’s funny and that i’m a horrible parent for packing their Legos up. I think i’m super smart as this is the first time we are moving and have to sell a place first and i just can’t keep up with them and get this place in shape…so every toy but 3 for the older ones and a handful of toddler toys were packed up and set aside. YAY! Less cleaning! HA! Walked into the living room this evening and the toddler had destroyed all my work and the older ones just sat there and watched!


     I love my kids… i can’t say that enough! But i seriously wonder if they sit down and plot how they are going to drive me crazy! I have my oldest “J” who is nearing those “teen years”, I have “E” who is just a couple years behind “J” and has anger issues (my own fault), and then we have “M” who is the toddler….and lets just say the other two were a breeze compared to him! Don’t let the cuteness fool you! He has a destruction rate of an EF5 Tornado and a mean streak like that of a Rattler! But i wouldn’t trade him or his brothers for anything. They brighten my life and make me think outside the box. They make me stay spontaneous and remember to have fun with people, because i have a bad mindset of people i would rather sit down with a book and read for hours on end, they remind me to not sit there but go!

    But sometimes i wonder if i’m doing this parenting thing right. All these new rules about “oh you can’t discipline your child that way!” or “why would you let your child do that?” just make you feel like a failure 100% of the time! There is just no real winning! I don’t give my kids a lot of chores… i don’t even really give them daily chores. I usually end up saying on some random day “hey can you go clean your room please?” which 2 hours later turns into “i asked you to clean your room nicely now get in there and clean!” I’m trying to work on this as i want my kids to know that there are things they must do on their own, no one is going to hand them anything. But then i want them to know that they can ask for help and receive it …at least from me.


     Finding that healthy balance is hard! Right now i’m reading some books that are helping me and they are all by the same person…First one was Made to Crave, second was Unglued, and Third (which i have ordered but have read the first chapter and it’s awesome!) is the book called The Best Yes… all these books are written by Lysa TerKeurst. She is an amazing writing..mainly because she is real. She is a Christian writer…. but i have heard from non Christians that they even like them. So i highly recommend checking them out. (i wasn’t paid to say that either!) Parenting is hard and i’m just glad i found something that clicks with me and seems to be helping me find that healthy balance.

    So if you have ever sa there and wondered “wow this kids are driving me crazy!” don’t worry you’re not alone! Our kids are Blessings….but they sure can toe that line!

  I hope this helps someone!



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