Kids and School Part 2….



     Ok so while i’m dealing with all this stuff with my oldest son, I also have to opposite problem with my middle child. Let’s say his name is “E” and he is one of those shy, quiet kids that is polite and really tries to be good when away from home. Then he gets home and is talking a mile a minute jumping on furniture, and terrorizing his older brother to the point i’ll have to send him to his room for a while.


      Now see “E” is a really good kid but him and his brother “J” have the same problem, they give in to peer pressure very quickly and i worry about this. In this past year “E” has slowly gotten out of his shell at school, he participates, he volunteered to do a dancing part in the school performance, he even went and said the Pledge of Allegiance over the loud speaker! I’m very proud of him for doing these things. BUT! On the other hand he also got in trouble for swearing in class, hitting a kid, and has come home wanting to play these new demonic games. I worry about him!


      This kid is academically soaring, but socially not so much so we had him repeat Kindergarten and he finally went on to First Grade this year. We got a TON of flack from the school when we held him back. We put it like this “he is the youngest in his class and though yes he is doing great academically he is struggling socially and we worry that it will just get harder for him we want to hold him back one year so he is then closer to the older side of the kids in his grade, and to be honest we have a letter from a non-school counselor that recommends just this” So at this point they have too and then just ruffles their feathers. So because he’s doing so well they recommend putting him in the step up Math and Reading program to challenge him. We do so and he seems to do just fine. This year we are asked again if we want to put him in that program, we decide to ask him what he would like to do and he says “no i don’t want to do this at all!” So we tell them thanks but no thanks this year. The teacher is confused and wants to know why. I tell her that we don’t want to force him into these classes, he’s only in first grade! They back off.


      But now i’m wondering if it was the right move as he seems bored and that’s why he’s getting into more trouble this year. When we told him we are moving he was super excited! Now he realizes that he wont see his friends really anymore as we’re moving several towns away. He’s kinda bummed! But he wants some more space and i think he wants to move to a different school where they don’t know he had to repeat a grade.


   SO i find myself with these two polar opposites in the school and life areas and some days i’m just not sure how to deal with them fairly. Really there is no fair way, “J” has his things and “E” has his things and to throw into the mix we also have “M” who is just a toddler and he has HIS things! All this craziness for school and life….. but really….i would change it…not one little bit.



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