Our Enemy…

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I have been having technical difficulties lately. I have written up 3 blog posts and all three have disappeared into the internet abyss. Guess it’s appropriate with what I’m writing about today. 😉

Did you know that we are in a battle? Did you by chance realize that there are bad things that happen that no one wants to acknowledge, because that would mean saying satan is real?

When we look for a Bible study to read or learn from I think that a lot of us lean towards the happy ones… the ones that will help us grow. But do any of us pick a study or pick up our Bible and say… “I’m going to study the enemy today!” ?


Yeah, I get it! I’ve done the same thing!

But today that is exactly what i did. I opened up my Biblegateway and started searching up names… “Satan”, “devil”, “serpent”, “betrayer”, and so on. I’m going to share with you what I found…why? Because of the opening verse. We are in a battle… there are things going on that we can’t see. Forces that are trying their best to destroy our ministry to others that will lead them to Christ.  This is why the armor of God is so important for us that are Believers…no matter where you are at in your Faith (beginner, intermediate, advanced) Satan is going to try and trip you up… beginners it’s hard to shake off all that we’ve done, intermediates become engulfed with a sense of staleness or frustration in their growth, and advanced can easily become full of themselves, thinking they have nothing more to learn. There are no living masters as if you have mastered the Faith it’s time for you to go home.

Now, a while back I was doing a study on Revelations and I learned that Satan has a throne. (Rev 2:13)
And this throne has an earthly area as well, in a city called Pergamum. The ancient town is no more but there is towns built up around it and the ruins are still visible. Look up Bergama,Turkey.

Satan is a deceiver, he lies, and he hides. He’s favorite hiding spot is behind his old title of angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14). A lot of times it starts out as “oh this is ok, i’m not breaking a 10 commandment.” or “i’m not hurting anyone”. He helps us shuffle our toes right over that line and before we know it we’re indulging in drugs, or sexual affairs, or letting our anger turn to rage and actually hurting others.

But there is hope, just like with Job, satan can only do so much! God has put restrictions on him and if he tries to do more God will rebuke him! Here are some verses that I found on this:
John 13:27; 2 Corinthians 12:7; Zechariah 3:2; Matthew 4:10; Matthew 16:23

Jesus saw him fall from heaven (Luke 10:18), remember, Jesus was there at the beginning of time, this verse helps to remind us, He has seen everything! If Jesus saw Satan fall, than he saw the first sunrise, He saw when God said “Let it be” and the sky and earth separated. There is nothing that Jesus hasn’t witnessed.

When that day comes for us to stand in front of God and have him judge us, we have always had that reassurance of Jesus being at His right hand side, speaking in our defense. But what I saw in scriptures says that just to the other side of Jesus will be satan. (Job 2:1; Zechariah 3:1) He’ll be standing there reading to list off all our faults, every little white lie, every little negative thought that was sinful. The only thing that will save us, is the Lamb. If he speaks up in our defense than we’re good in God’s eyes, but if He says He does not know us….. satan rubs his hands together in glee.

That makes me shudder!

ancient antique armor armour
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There is a battle…we can’t always see it, that person that wronged us, that boss that yelled at us, that person that cause the death of our loved one…. Our battle is not with them. Our battle is with the unseen!

There is an army of demons, and there is an army of angels…. And I want that second one fighting for me. But most importantly, I want to know what I’m fighting against and how to do just that.

If you feel that same way… pick up that Bible, open up Biblegateway, or even download YouVersion App and get to studying…not just the fluff pieces but the ones that are harder to read.


Praying for you dear readers! There is so much bad…let us be a light to others!





I did it!!!

I got up in front of everyone and said “hello, I’m Monica and i have a new life in Christ. And i struggle with anger, depression, and pornography.

Before ReCovery in Christ… i was suicidal and looked for acceptance in everything and everyone but Christ, and i saw myself as worthless, ugly, unwanted, and unloved.

But after recovery in Christ… i see myself as a daughter of theone true king! Worth more than anything on this earth to Him. And i have not had a suicidal thought since July of 2018!!!

If i could tell you one thing about my journey, it would be… that it was worth it, i know this is the beginning and i still have much to work on but my life is infinitely better in Christ!”

I didn’t stumble on my face… but i did get choked up as i read where i had been and where I’ve journeyed to. I’m so excited to see where I’ll go next!

I have tons to learn more and i still struggle, I still loose my temper and i still get depressed, but God is holding me now… He’s right there and I’m leaning into Him more snd more. I’m going to take one day at a time and just keep working on me!


New Year Confessions….

I’m not perfect, I’m a broken person with struggles and fears and messy mess ups.

The thing for the start of the new year is to say all the things we want to reach as far as goals go….

Instead I want to confess…

I’m angry!

I’m angry that right before Christmas I had to put my horse down; I’m angry about the financial stuff that came along with that!

I’m angry at my kids for yelling at me, for trying to parent me, and for fighting from sun up to sun down amongst each other!

I’m angry at my hubbie for stupid things and my mind saying it’s his fault when it’s mine because I won’t open up!

But most of all I’m angry at God… I’m angry that I feel like I have listened to him but we are still struggling and not getting a foothold in certain areas of our lives!

Some would gasp and say “how dare you say that! You should NOT be angry at God!”

But see… God doesn’t want us to hold on to these emotions and hurts and anger…. He WANTS us to confess them to him… specially when it is emotions or feelings about him. He can’t work on us until we acknowledge it… until we dig it up and set it in the open for ourselves and him to see. If we never let Him in… how are we to change?

So… I’m saying it… I’m angry! I’m frustrated and I’m hurting right now with where I’m at in life!

Now I hope to examine this dome more, dig it all up, lay it all at His feet, and say “this all is too much of a burden and I’m giving it all to you to work on, heal my heart, it’s raw and crumbling right now and I know only You can mend it.”

I know in His timing it will become easier and better but until then I’ll keep praying and handing it over to the one that can mend anything and everything.

Praying that you all have a Blessed New Year… let’s start it off right!

We are Free…

My favorite verse is the one i had tattooed on my arm. John 8:36.  If you go and read John 8, it’s really good! the area where this verse is, Jesus is trying to tell them that they say one thing but act a different way…. that in order for them to be made right in the eyes of God they need to go through him…. the Son.  But they’re not getting it!

All through of the Bible the chosen people of God are so whiny and wishy washy! I often grow mad at them as I read….but then i realize i’m just like them. One minute I’m asking God for help and then something goes wrong and i’m saying “woe is me” and “why are you doing this to me God?” and what’s really going on is that i did it to myself by not listening to Him.

And so I need a reminder… a permanent reminder, the God alone is the one that set me free; not me, not a group, not my church…. but God…. cuz only the SON can set us free! And when He does…. boy….it’s amazing!


No matter the language, no matter the location…. no matter how you grew up…. God is the only Savior, He’s the only one that gave up His throne to save us. We just got done celebrating His Birthday…. and soon we will remember His death and resurrection, there are many that celebrate not knowing what it truly means. If you’d like to know more please go and read the book of John. It gives the back story for all of this.

Never take someone else’s word about what the Bible says…. always go and look for YOU! God has a message in there for everyone, what He shows me will be different for what He shows you, that’s why it’s called the Living Bible…. it never changes, but every time we look at it we can get an “aha” moment.

Putting on the heavy after Christmas….  I write about many things, but I want to make sure you all know that what I write is just my thoughts… not concrete…not 100% Biblical… I’m not a pastor, I’m not a major leader, I’m just a lady with typing fingers.

Praying that the New Year brings many Blessings to you dear readers!!!